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09 September 2011 @ 11:18 pm
Girl With One Eye  
Long time no talk to, LJ. I truly do miss LJ, I just haven't had anything to say: my third year of college is serving to be almost exactly the same as the past years, except that I'm actually living alone this year (it's really nice). And that I'm done with gen eds, which is nice too, but that doesn't make things anymore interesting, hah.

But! I come bearing fiction. Pallikias fiction, so 99% of you won't care, but fiction nonetheless. Porn fiction! ... 99% of you still don't care.

But here it is. <3

Title: Girl With One Eye
Overall Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,305
Pairings: Pallis/Adakias, Pallis/OC!woman, Adakias/OC!woman
Summary: It's just that, truly, no one will have Adakias and breathe for much longer.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Notes: For fuzzyniffler, the Adakias to my Pallis.

Pallis hates blonde hair. It's not natural in The Dark, he's convinced, he's sure blondes are naturally brunettes and they simply douse their scalps in disgusting chemicals to strip the color. It's despicable, truly, because dark hair looks wonderful against pale skin, provides a beautiful contrast that Pallis loves to measure. The blonde hair only ruins that, washes it out, and everything is far too pure.

Adakias seems to love blonde hair; he's found a blonde for himself for the night. He's running his fingers through her pale, nearly white curls, and smiling down at her as she stretches beneath him. The bones of her ribs angle beneath her shirt as she does this.

There's a soft touch to Pallis' own cheek and he glances down to see the woman that he's picked for the evening. And she's beautiful, truly, with her contrast and cropped black hair falling across her forehead and splaying across the crimson of his pillow. She's white and black and blood and Pallis smiles, touches the back of her hand and leans in to breathe, "I was never one for foreplay."

"Me neither," she whispers and her tongue slides against his lower lip. Pallis' lips are only curled in the corners as she takes her tongue into his mouth, his hand sliding down the tendons of her warm throat, across the lace of the top of her black dress.

In his peripheral vision, Pallis can see movement, their movement, and that blonde woman is giggling, a high-pitched harmony to Adakias' low chuckle. More movement, stripping, and Pallis decides that's a wonderful idea as he leans in to kiss the woman beneath him—to hell with names—and his hands slide down the black silk covering her breasts, her ribs, stomach, hips and thighs and he pushes it up. Her skin is hot beneath his fingertips.

People have told him women are breakable. Fragile, soft, something to take care of, and Pallis considers this as he sits her up, pulls her dress up and off. Considers it as he looks over the curves of her body and undoes his tie, slipping it from his collar and laying the soft fabric over the white of her thigh. Considers this idea and considers her as she bites her lip and watches him strip the rest of the way, out of his shirt, out of his slacks, underwear and he watches her slither out of her bra and thong.

Considers it, surely. But then he smirks and shakes his head lightly, taking the tie in his hands once more before laying it over her eyes and tying it behind her head.


But she's not the one he wants to fuck tonight.

"Is this all right?" Pallis purrs in her ear like he cares. She only gives a low sound of approval as he kisses her jaw, touches her collarbone and slides his fingers down to her chest. Fondling her breast, he glances sideways, sees his brother doing the same thing to the blonde woman.

Adakias is naked as well.

No, this woman isn't the one he wishes to fuck tonight.

It's quite unfortunate he doesn't have a choice in the matter. Not yet.

The woman moans as he thumbs over her nipple and he licks across her jugular slowly, sensual, before biting and he loves the way her slight frame twitches beneath him. Soon she's panting and he's yet to let go because, no, women are not something to be treated delicately. They don't want to be treated as if they're breakable and he doesn't want to treat them that way, especially not when he's imagining someone else beneath him, someone else's heat against his own.

There's a darkening mark on her neck when he pulls away and she's trembling. Her lips look wet, red as Pallis slides his fingers up her thigh, watching only briefly as it stretches beneath his touch before he looks towards his brother and touches her. He watches the slope of Adakias' back as he feels her wet, swollen beneath the chill of his fingers. She moans and Adakias presses his forehead to the blonde's neck, his lips delicious and parted in a slight pant as he grinds against her slowly, gently. Pallis presses a finger into the woman beneath him and she leans back, arches and he watches the movement of his brother's hips.

Pallis fingers her quickly with a second and a third and she's wet, hot, a bit wetter than Adakias would feel even with lube coating his fingers, he's sure. His dark eyes flick back to the line of her throat—her head is tilted back—and truly, she is beautiful, beautiful to the point where Pallis almost feels guilty for what he's about to do.

Almost. But guilt never had a place on Pallis' mind.

When he finally begins to fuck her, he's bent her over, positioned her on her hands and knees, her blinded eyes pointed directly towards Adakias and the other woman. The woman Pallis is fucking is quiet, just the soft moan between heavy breaths as Pallis moves and he holds her hips tightly, pressing his fingertips to the angles of her hipbones. He's hot behind her, shoulders rolled back and his blown pupils follow the sloped line of her spine up her neck, past her skull and to where Adakias is stretched out over the blonde.

Pallis tilts his head back and stares down his cheeks at his brother, whose body is moving, undulating as he fucks the woman. Whose muscles are shifting noticeably beneath his skin, in his biceps as he holds himself up, in his legs, in his ass.

The woman beneath Pallis is beautiful, truly. But Adakias? Adakias is the most beautiful person Pallis has ever seen.

And he reaches down abruptly to grip her short, black hair, jerk her head back and he's holding the dark curls of Adakias' hair, jerking his head back, making his breath catch. Arching him violently, molding him to his own liking. He's fucking his brother, fucking him harder and harder and watching the strain on his body, watching as Adakias takes him and loves it. Pallis is leaning over and biting, marring, tearing at the skin of Adakias' shoulder blades, making his body jerk and twitch and making him moan breathlessly.

Over and over.

And over again. He wants Adakias to scream.

Then he's back to fucking her, to simply being a spectator as Adakias fucks the blonde.

As Pallis comes, he grits his teeth and growls and when he can, he thinks he should tell the blonde that Adakias is his. His and only his.

He never tells her. No, the next time he sees her is at the same bar Adakias met her and she's with her friend, the friend with black, cropped hair that really is beautiful. And, oh dear, they're without a ride home and Pallis is, after all, a respectable gentleman.

He never tells the blonde that Adakias is his. Not even when she screams as he slits her friend's throat in the passenger's seat. A shame, truly, but now she really is white and black and blood and Pallis kisses her chapped lips as her head lolls to the side.

He never tells her, the blonde. He just holds her still in the back seat and does the same to her, blade right across her throat, watches as the crimson paints the canvas of her white skin and the tips of her white hair. And it's nothing personal. Nothing at all. It's nothing personal and he wipes the flat edges of the blade on her white shirt. It's just that, truly, no one will have Adakias. No one else will have Adakias and breathe for much longer.

And he hates her blonde hair.
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Are you watching?: RS - Please don't let...fuzzyniffler on September 10th, 2011 05:01 am (UTC)
Oh my godddd it's so good.

*rolls around and rips clothes off*

C: <3
L: 30STM- Bloodmy_0wn_madness on September 10th, 2011 05:05 am (UTC)
Lol you. C: Thank you, darling. I'm still really glad that you like it so much-- It really means a lot to me ^^ ♥

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