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06 April 2011 @ 03:05 pm
Singing With Your Voice [standalone]  
Title: Singing With Your Voice
Author: my_0wn_madness
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Very rough and very violent sex. Basically PWP.
Pairing: Finas/Casimiro
Summary: " This, Casimiro was sure, was when they were the least like humans. "
Word Count: 3,025
Disclaimer: Casimiro and Finas belong to Tessa Stone, the creator of the amazing comic Hanna is Not a Boy's Name. Title comes from Florence + The Machine.
Author's Notes: I started this a long time ago. Like, in the fall and then I just kind of let it simmer on my hard drive for months. However, last weekend, fuzzyniffler and I cosplayed Casimiro and Finas (she was the most amazing Finas, I almost jumped her at random points *_*) at Anime Detour and, so, that was my inspiration to sit down and actually finish this. Yes, it is shameless PWP but, really, I think there needs to be more of that for this pairing. :D I hope you enjoy ♥

Blood made them hungry. This, in itself, was nothing new; they were vampires, after all. They fed on blood, drank it like the thing it was: the only substance that kept them alive. "Alive". It was the only substance that tasted delicious—Casimiro was rather partial to his blood mixed with a little alcohol—, that made them not miss being able to dine at five star restaurants, that made them full.

But blood did so much more than fill their dead veins and keep their metaphorical heart beating. Once they were satisfied, their crimson eyes would meet and their pupils would automatically dilate. That moment was the closest thing they had felt to a heated rush crashing through their dead bodies, that moment when they would just look at each other with dark irises, blood dripping from their lips and limp, paling bodies in their hands.

They were then hungry for a completely different reason. And it led to moments like this.

With a groan, Casimiro's back slammed against the wall and his eyes fluttered briefly. He had barely any time to react as Finas' body was charging towards his own, but he managed to dart sideways, a low chuckle escaping his lips as he did so. Finas' arm lashed out, the vampire's claws just barely scraping against the arm of his jacket.

Casimiro could feel the grip on himself slipping. This game, this foreplay as some would call it, made him excited, even more excited than killing and he could barely contain it. He wanted to rip Finas apart and touch his insides, possess his insides, taste his insides, hold him close as he screamed. His fingers twitched, his nails abruptly sharpening into claws as he imagined reaching his hand through Finas' skin and feeling the cold, still organs, the veins with foreign blood, the chilled bones.

This, Casimiro was sure, was when they were the least like humans. When their humanity just barely existed, if at all.

The taller vampire let out a growl through his ever cocky smirk and he launched himself at Finas, who was now staring at him with narrowed and fucking hot eyes. He raised a hand, claws now extended and sharpened, and struck at Finas' throat. It left him exposed and, sure enough, Finas saw the opening and ducked, grunting lowly as he slammed his sizzling, curled fist into Casimiro's stomach.

Casimiro had known then and it was very clear in hindsight: to win this fight, to gain the dominance, that move hadn't been his best.

But there was a sort of reciprocal effect with his desires. Just as he wanted to explore Finas' body mercilessly, inside and out, he wanted the same done to him. He wanted to be spread and open for the other vampire, wanted to feel those soft, white hands in his body, memorizing him, owning him, claiming him. And when his back hit the hardwood floor of their apartment, he couldn't help but grin a bloody smile—his fangs had cut through his cheeks—as Finas clutched his jacket harshly and flipped him over, slamming his face into the floor.

Casimiro's arms extended above his head and his claws latched themselves in the wooden flooring. Finas' hand was curled cruelly around the back of his neck and it took serious effort to even turn so his cheek was now against the boards. With his good eye, Casimiro glanced back and saw Finas staring at him hungrily.

"I want to rip you apart, Casimiro," the shorter vampire finally spoke lowly, his voice still not completely void of that slight English accent and Casimiro hoped it never would be. The words made him groan huskily, his thin lips curling even further in his masochistic smirk as his claws jerked in the floor. His body shuddered, as if pleading Finas to do such a thing.

Finas' free hand reached beneath Casimiro and touched the knot of his tie, the black of his shirt, the top button of his jacket, undid it, then the next, then the next. Casimiro arched as the cold hand slipped beneath his shirt and touched his chilled, gray skin, sliding up his stomach and chest. The movement caused Finas to lean over further, his white lips now close to Casimiro's ear.

"Casimiro," the other vampire breathed again and, god damn it, there was something indescribable about Finas saying his full name, especially with a low, predatory and lustful voice. The tip of Finas' fang scraped against the shell of his ear, causing him to twitch and let out a hot sound. "I wish I could slowly tear your skin—" As he said this, his hand abruptly shifted and his claws dug into the surface of Casimiro's skin, causing his jaw to drop and his eyes to flutter again, body straining against the hold, "—and really feel your insides… I want to watch the stolen blood flow through your veins and neglect your heart, I want to watch the way your organs refuse to move, and your face, Casimiro… Your face would look so wonderful as I did this…"

With Finas' claws dragging down his gray skin, Casimiro automatically began to pant, husky sounds falling from his lips at random intervals. He arched into the stinging pain, the blood staining his clothes and Finas' fingers as the sensation stained his mind, clouding his thoughts and making his head spin.

Finas' fang scraped against the shell of Casimiro's ear once more before the claws were torn from his stomach. There was the abrupt sound of a clinging belt buckle before his underwear and pants were swiftly removed, leaving him open and shuddering to Finas' hand slowly slipping up the back of his thigh. Casimiro groaned lowly as his head was shoved further to the floor, the lazy grin never faltering from his lips.

Finas worked quickly, though not quickly enough; Casimiro listened as the other vampire withdrew his hand from the back of his thigh, as Finas skillfully worked off his clothing, as he popped open a cap. Casimiro couldn't help but chuckle breathlessly, knowing the bottle must have come from the pocket of Finas' pants because there wasn't another bottle in reaching distance.

"Christ, aren't you prepared—" Casimiro began through his teeth but he was cut off with a sharp sound rushing through his lips as he felt the severe claws pierce the skin on the back of his neck.

"I know better than to give you even a moment of freedom, Casimiro." The words were low, spoken in the same tone as before, and another shiver automatically coursed through Casimiro's body—his name, no one had ever spoken his name like Finas, in that deep, English purr, smooth like the blood that so often dripped from his white lips.

When two, wet fingers slipped their way into him, the sensation of the crimson dripping down his neck and torso enhanced, making his mind spin dizzily with lust. The sting that came with the intrusion only served to make him lick his lips and let out an automatic, hot breath as his eyes fluttered again briefly. His claws jerked within the flooring, his fingers straining tightly against the surface.

"Casimiro," Finas droned again, knowing the power he held over the other vampire. It was very shortly after that that the third finger found its way into Casimiro, causing a deep, incomprehensible sound to drip from his parted lips and onto the wood floor. There was always a strict precision to the way those fingers moved within him, shaped him, stretched him until he was pliable and open to Finas' every whim. Casimiro could always feel the way the digits would crook, twist and extend inside him but it was never predictable, even after centuries, because there was always one move that abruptly made him fall limp against the floor, that made his knees tremble, that made him give a breathless sound.

And when that happened this time, Casimiro missed the slight, sadistic grin that warped his partner's thin lips.

It was just after the moment that Casimiro had gathered a firmer grip on himself when those fingers left, causing his frame to shiver with desperation at the loss and the desperation for more. Finas continued to work quickly, but not quick enough—Casimiro's body was shaking, his eye drunken as it gazed at the other vampire. The smirk was still curling his lips but just barely as he slowly slid his legs further apart, his knees creating a small hiss against the floor as he did so.

Finas chuckled as he skillfully undid his pants with one hand and slid them down just enough. He drizzled a bit more of the substance onto himself before dropping the bottle and wrapping his fingers around his own cock. It was a spectacle that Casimiro liked to watch because Finas would always roll his broad shoulders back in the slightest, tilt his chin up and relax his brow a bit, enough to hint at the pleasure that came with touching himself.

"And aren't you eager," Finas breathed before he briefly scraped his fang against his lower lip, his dark, hungry eyes falling upon Casimiro's form. His other hand tightened around Casimiro's neck, causing him to twitch briefly.

Casimiro loved the way those claws felt in his skin.

His black shirt was now stuck to his chest and damp with someone else's blood, blood that perhaps pumped hotly through someone else's veins during sex. And now, it was staining his clothes and staining Finas' claws and fingers, fingers that were just inside of him and thinking about things like this made Casimiro shudder. Though not nearly as much as when he thought about things similar to what they were about to do and Finas was ready. He pinched the back of Casimiro's neck just a bit harder, just enough to make sparks mar Casimiro's vision before he moaned.

His other hand was wet as it briefly teased the dimples at Casimiro's lower back. The stimulation sent a tremor right up Casimiro's spine and exited his body on another breathless groan.

"Finas," he growled through his teeth, fangs carelessly digging into his gums. The muscles of his arms were drawn tight with how severely his claws were piercing the floor.


Blood on his voice. Blood on his fingers. Blood in his eyes, blood on his skin. Casimiro wanted blood on Finas'—

The hand was gone from his back and Finas pushed in, none too gently, but not quickly either. Just slow enough that Casimiro felt it, just slow enough that he felt it. His blood ran cold with the illusion of heat as his spine arched, blood pooling against his dry lips as he parted them and groaned liquidly. His smirk didn't fade yet.

Finas didn't pause for even a moment. His hips snapped and he began to fuck Casimiro into the floor, his broad shoulders rolling back beneath his shirt and his dark eyes fixed upon the stringed bow of the taller vampire's back. His fingers twisted in the back of Casimiro's neck and Casimiro claws jerked in the floorboards. His knees ached and his jaw throbbed but he couldn't think, couldn't think of anything except the raw pain flooding his dead insides, the grunts that fell from Finas' usually composed lips, the way Finas was watching him like he was human, something to eat, and it wasn't enough. It wasn't enough, it was never enough.

He wanted blood on Finas' fangs.

His voice faltered and shattered as he breathed through his weakening smirk, "Finas. Finas, do it."

Finas sometimes made him wait. Finas sometimes didn't do it at all. But this time, Finas did it immediately; with his nails latched within the other vampire's skin, he jerked Casimiro's head up and held it there, a stranger's blood beading around his fingers and flowing down onto Casimiro's collar. And then he buried himself and leaned over, his body twisting to allow him to sink his fangs in the side of Casimiro's throat.

Casimiro's eyes fluttered as his good eye was left momentarily blind as well and the grin was finally gone from his lips. The pain threaded up through his neck and he felt hot, he felt so fucking hot, like sweat would break his cold skin at any moment. His grip on himself, on his sanity, began to slip and his flesh peeled away around his sharpened claws as he threw his head back as far as he was able, his jaw dropping. His lips began to strip away and he felt his fangs sharpen dangerously.

The blood flowed easily from his neck and into Finas' mouth and he was too far gone to feel the way the other vampire's claws extended within his neck, to feel the way Finas' grip slowly slipped as well, to feel the way Finas' hips began to move within him again, any mercy gone from his actions. Finas snarled against his neck and Casimiro growled dangerously in return, seeing white after a moment and this still wasn't enough.

But this was, of course, when he felt most inclined to tear Finas apart. When he felt the greatest urge to flip over, claw apart Finas' throat, his chest, to touch his dead heart, to kiss his ribcage, to lick his spine. His heart, his ribcage, his spine, with no skin between them, with no composition keeping Finas' cold visage together.

And yet, as his twisting senses became hyperaware of the blood draining from his neck, this was when he felt most inclined to fold beneath Finas' whim, when he felt most inclined to bend and mold himself to fit Finas' touch. When he wished Finas had been the one to take his own blood from his neck that very first time.

His distorting body writhed and thrashed beneath Finas' own, both of them fading into anything but human. Casimiro finally wrenched his hand from the floor and latched his claws into the junction of Finas' neck and shoulder. The sound that poured from Finas' lips and into Casimiro's veins was feral, dangerous and he abruptly tore his fangs from Casimiro's neck. His fangs cut more of the cold skin before he swiftly pulled out of the other vampire and threw him onto his back.

A grunt passed through Casimiro's lips as his back fell against the floor and there was barely a moment before Finas was atop him again. Not fucking him this time, just rutting against him, his body sizzling dangerously and half of his face was already inhuman, the flesh having torn away from his bone and his eyes entirely black. His jaw was rigid, stained with Casimiro's stolen blood, and his teeth extended far beyond where they should, all of them now sharpened like his fangs and threatening.

He was beautiful.

Casimiro's claws ripped at the skin on the other side of his jaw before he yanked Finas close, his nails piercing through the other vampire's jacket and his skin.

"I want to tear you apart." Casimiro's voice was foreign to them both, heavy with his Italian accent yet distorted, far too low to be human. "Rip you to pieces."

"I want you to scream." Finas' word was low and anything but the smooth blood it was earlier. It was shattered glass, a jagged edge of the blade, a thorny rose stem before he yanked himself from Casimiro's grasp and tore his nails through Casimiro's shirt and into his chest, his claws sinking far past his shallow skin.

Casimiro did. What was left of his skin stripped away. Barely a second later, with Finas' claws curling within his chest and so close to his ribs, he came between them, with Finas' hips flush and rutting against his own.

His senses seemed to dull subtly with the orgasm, his body shaking violently, but Finas' claws were still sharp inside him and he could feel them cold against his muscles, remaining close to his bone. He could feel his mind spinning, feel his own hands latch tightly around Finas' shoulders, feel the blood leave him, feel Finas come between them.

Feel Finas droop above him.

Feel Finas' nails slowly withdraw, so that his skin could stitch up in his wake.

Feel Finas' gaze sweep across him, across the blood and torn clothes as the only evidence of what they just did.

Feel Finas.

In the end, that seemed to be all he felt. Whether he felt Finas beside him, watching his blind side or whether he felt Finas' cold lips against his own. Whether he felt Finas' gaze upon his gray skin or whether he felt Finas' tongue against it. Whether he felt Finas fuck him hard or whether he felt Finas' claws deep in his dead insides, it always came down to just who was behind those eyes, those lips, that tongue, that skin, those claws, that inhumanity.

Casimiro's ears still rang with the ghost of a heartbeat at moments like these.

Finas stayed close as their bodies calmed. They watched each other as the skin slowly reappeared on their bodies, coating their insides, masking what they really were. Their fangs retracted to their usual length. Their claws dulled and became nails. Their eyes sharpened and colored into crimson once more.

Casimiro used to pant heavily, mostly just out of habit. He didn't anymore. Finas never did either.

And it was over for now. For now. Even if Casimiro still wanted to rip Finas apart. Even if he still wanted to fold to match Finas' creases.

Finas leaned over and pressed a chaste kiss to the other vampire's lips, one so unlike the others. His fingertips were still bloody and touched the skin of Casimiro's throat, right where he fangs were just moments ago. All that was there now was the drunken blood of Casimiro's dinner. Around them, their clock chimed, signaling five minutes to sunrise. When they went to bed around 6:15 in the morning, they pulled the opaque curtains across the window and didn't bother to wash the blood from their skin.

I feel: lazylazy
I hear: Night of the Hunter - 30 Seconds to Mars
Are you watching?: HINABN - Finas is unimpressedfuzzyniffler on April 6th, 2011 10:09 pm (UTC)
You know I love this pet ♥ It's lovely and hot and nomnomnom.

Love you girlie girl <3
L: Casimiro- Hah.my_0wn_madness on April 7th, 2011 12:30 am (UTC)
I know you do and I'm very glad C: Thank you darling.

I love you too ♥